Know us

We have built our business by working with clients to ensure the solutions we develop are profitable to them.The company aligns technology deployment with business objectives and processes and plans deployments in phases to deliver business benefits rapidly. Our investments in people, commitment to our core values and our expertise have helped CONVEX SYSTEMS build its success on long term relationships with its clients. We have developed a set of best practices and development standards that have been helping us in successfully delivering applications to our clients over many years.

Have a look at what we have to offer :
Our software development team and Database Administrators bring a vast array of experience in programming and administration in the following areas:

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 , Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 , SCO Openserver, Novel® SUSE Linux 11, HP-UX 11i, SUN Solaris.

Languages: MF Cobol, Informix 4GL, Informix Dynamic 4GL, Visual Basic 6.x, Crystal Reports, Java Script, C++, HTML, VFP, SQL Forms, Report Writer, ASP, Power Builder and many others.

Databases: Informix, SQL Server, DB2, UNIFY, Oracle, MySQL.

Our Services

What we do best

1. Integration with Operating system and database.
2. Simulation of crash and recovery features of the total server comprising of Hardware, OS and Database.
3. Hardware optimization for reducing total annual and per transaction, overhead costs, network expenses and labor costs, as well as overall cost-per- transaction.
4. Hardware benchmarking, Configuration, Optimization, Troubleshooting & Maintenance.
5. Configuring & Maintenance of high end hardware including Dell, Sun and IBM blade servers.
6. Domain expertise to deliver customized solutions.
7. Immense expertise in the area of Hardware and Database Management.
8. Legacy System Conversion.
9. Maintenance–Porting, re–eningeering of legacy software applications.
10. Maintenance, support of customer's software.
11. Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management.
12. Genero Installation, Training and Migration Services.

  • Genero Migration

    1. With Genero a QUICK and a
    SMART way to transform 4gl Applications from the ASCII mode
    to GUI.
    2. Runs the same apps differently between Unix, Linux or Windows, tablets and smart phones.
    3. "One binary fits all" using CWEBC.
    4. Use Convex Libraries and
    convert and migrate all your programs to run both under GDC
    and GWC.

  • Data Mining And Bl

    1. Convex Interactive Reporting
    (CIR) is a tool designed to help individuals and departments transform data into a meaningful Information.
    2. Interactive Reporting provides users with pre-configured
    business views of data, and allows them to build drillable data
    and totals to analyze by Product, Category, Department, etc.
    3. It is an invaluable aid in helping to identify opportunities to increase sales and profitability.
    4. Our BI services are all that your business needs to cut
    down costs, both of your business operations and of managing and delivering information.

  • Convex Application Generator

    1. Convex Application Generator(CAG) is a Software that generates application programs from simpler descriptive inputs rather than by traditional programming.
    2. It is an easier tool which generates an entire program with simple inputs.
    3. CAG enables an individual to create a program with less effort and programming knowledge.
    4. With this program generator a user may only be required to specify the steps or rules required for his or her program. The standard code is automatically generated by the Generator.

  • Delivery Mechanism

    1. On-site Consulting.
    2. Our experienced software professionals are available for consulting services for long
    term and short-term projects.
    3. Off-site Consulting.
    4. Consultants working from our premises remotely log into your computers.

  • Philosophy

    Convex consulting services take a holistic approach towards understanding and resolving its clients'IT and business problems.
    The business philosophy of the company is to lay emphasis on Human Values and Personal Relations.