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Internal Control System

A product has been developed, keeping in mind the stringent requirements of the ICAI, where the top brass of the organisation needs to take responsibility for non compliance

Responsibility for functions are fixed at various levels starting from the Company Management thru’ the Auditors, Audit Committee/Independent Directors upto the Board of Directors.

ICS is a user friendly application designed to help organisations manage the complexities of legal and regulatory compliance in a structured manner.

The user logs into the system and depending upon the role, is given access to a set of screens.

Broadly, the three roles defined are Doer, Reviewer and Authoriser. On completion of assigned tasks, they are submitted to the next level in the hierarchy for verification and authorisation.

Tasks are assigned by employees who have been given Admin powers. Every assigned task traverses thru a path till it can be termed complete. The progress of individual jobs can be monitored by using a feature in our application which shows at what point each task is in.

The application also provides for reallocating and rescheduling of tasks.

A variety of reports are made available to the management to enable the top brass get a clear picture of the position of the various assigned tasks.

These reports also provide an insight into the performance of the employees.

The application has feratures which can also graphically depict the status of jobs/performance of individuals and so on.

An activity scheduler is also built into the application which enables employees to view the various jobs assigned to them as soon as they log in.

Galley Management System

Pleiades is a web-based application that helps manage, monitor and control the operational functions related to Galley Planning, menu planning and management, inventory of equipment and numerous other tasks associated with this service.

Fully integrated system with role based login with focus on ease of use Our solution enables airlines to effectively and easily plan the galley space and monitor the loading of items on the aircrafts through user friendly screens.

The benefits from Pleiades rich features and functionality can be experienced without much hardware expansion and extensive support desks.

Pleiades consists of individual modules which perform specific functions and interact with other modules, namely, Galley Manager, Operations Module, Finance Module, Configuration Manager, Security Manager, Menu Plan Manager, Scheduling/Provisioning , Meal Ordering, Pricing Module, Invoicing Module, Facility Module, Tax Configuration Manager, Airline –Caterer Meal collaborator, Inventory Module.