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- Access your 4gl Apps from mobile devices.

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CBS App Generator

Transformation from I-SQL to Genero Form.


CBS full range of consulting services in Hardware, Databases, Operating Systems, Custom Application Development, Genero Migration Services helps you analyse your business requirements and effectively implement software solutions.

Genero Migration Services

CBS has the expertise in converting your 4gl applications into a Web–based–application. Implement CBS Libraries–A Convenient, highly functional, easy–to–use. A Simple and a hassle–free concept.


Our solution suites–CBS Application Generator, CBS Interactive Reporting, Document Management Module, Business Activity Module, CBS Web Connect, Reporting tools.


Transparency and human relations, forms an integral part of the corporate culture. Start to end with one dedicated team.

Convex Business Solutions Key to Success

-> Takes an incisive knowledge of your unique needs.
-> Cutting-edge technology and experience.
-> Start to End solution that fulfils your unique needs.
-> Design capabilities, technical expertise.
-> Start to end with one dedicated team.
-> The attrition rate negligible.
-> Average experience of our employees is 9 years.
-> Competitive advantage through skilled and qualified resources.
-> Highly advanced products and technology

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